Modern Slavery

Our Business Structure and Supply Chains

it luggage Limited (“The Company”) is registered in England and Wales under company registration number 01967787 with its registered address at Luggage House, The Chase, Foxholes Business Park, Hertford, Herts, SG13 7NN.

The Company has subsidiaries in Germany (it luggage DE GmbH), the US (it luggage USA, Ltd) and Australia (it luggage Aus Pty Ltd), as well as a representative office in China (together “The Group”).

Our suppliers are located in China and Vietnam, and each are carefully vetted prior to selection.


Our Policies, Due Diligence and Future Commitment

The Group are committed to ensuring ethical working business practices and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act.

In this regard, for example, we have reviewed our supplier agreements over the past year and updated them to ensure that the suppliers clear of their obligations and duty to ensure ethical business practices, and that there shall not be any employment of child labour or workers younger than permitted in the relevant country.  The Group’s execution of such supplier agreements and willingness to work with such suppliers is contingent on these conditions being satisfied.

The Group adopts a supplier selection process whereby every supplier is carefully vetted prior to being selected.  We have a representative office in China with around 80 staff that inspect existing suppliers on a frequent basis.  The Group uses only a specified, reputable labour dispatch agency to source labour for our representative office in China.  

All entities in The Group ensure appropriate controls are in place to ensure employees have the right to work and are therefore protected by employment legislation.  This includes checking right-to-work documents, visas and passports.  The Group does not employ individuals that would be considered to be ‘child workers’.

In the next year, The Group are committed to increase the company resources needed to enhance the learning and development of our staff in consideration of ethical working business practices and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act.

Our modern slavery statement for the coming financial year ending 2022, has been approved by the Board of Directors, as reflected by one of our Director’s signatures below.


Steve Selvi
29th March 2021