Our luggage is manufactured to a very high standard and undergoes rigorous testing. Our standard 10-year warranty underpins our confidence in the quality of our products. 

Quality testing includes:
Extensive wear testing on our seams, zips & lightweight materials guarantees long-term performance.

Load tests to ensure your belongings are totally protected across the life of your case.

To guarantee complete durability, fully-loaded cases are drop-tested from all angles.

The strength of our handles is tested repeatedly to match the rigours of modern travel.

These tests are necessary so that our consumers have total peace of mind. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the workmanship or materials then we will replace the luggage under the terms of the warranty with either the same product or, if the product is no longer in our current stock, we will replace it with a product closely matching the original.

We can track all products by batch number and have ISO 9001 accredited procedural systems dedicated to attention to detail.

All of our luggage is performance tested to meet the differing criteria and standards for all of our customers regardless of country. We work with all the major retail audit and testing companies worldwide, delivering complete compliance and factory accreditation.

We have over 70 dedicated staff in our Hangzhou office and showroom in China - an unrivalled infrastructure. 

All our staff are luggage specialists - we know where to look for the potential problems and how to solve them - ensuring trouble-free shipment for our customers.

Return percentages are well below 1% and an established customer feedback system is in place to capture all information, thereby ensuring continual product quality improvements.